About Us

The foundation has been established to bundle forces, to bring forth co-creation, and to highlight people who live their lives passionately.

d Established

The foundation was founded on September 09 2013 in The Netherlands.

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Non Profit Information

Registration # (KvK): 58749594
Legal # (RSIN): 853165385


The aim of the foundation is to evoke inspiration in others by showcasing people who dare to follow their passion, and who, in doing so, achieve an existence they desire.

Our Story

The catalyst to initiate iNSPIRED by iNSPIRATION was seeing a short film and realizing what effect a spark of inspiration can have on us. And recalling the following words “you should be inspired by inspiration” we also knew that the moment one experiences the sensation of inspiration, is also the moment one is most connected to oneself.


The sensation of inspiration comes from the purest of places. The feeling is contagious and allows us to experience a high degree of joy.


And because joy is to be shared, iNSPIRED by iNSPIRATION came to be. The online platform is the central place to connect with others and embrace the journey of coming into your power.

Solutions for the growing world.

Inspiration is the door to the world that ``we`` want to experience.

Inspiration is something we all recognise by a deeper knowing. No explanation or description is required. The sensation of recognition is universal, although the experience of it is unique. An enormous amount of power is evoked by this recognition and with that power we want to connect people.