P(l)ay It Forward World

Because together we are strong(er)!

Why iNSPIRED by iNSPIRATION uses the PIF World platform

We love the creators of PIF World. Not only have they created an amazingly comprehensive and user friendly platform, they continue to improve it, ensure it’s visually pleasing, and give you all the support you need to get your ideas off the ground.


The PIF World platform helps us show off our projects and connect with YOU! There’s nothing more important than that.

PIF World

P(lay) It Forward World is a Dutch organisation that has built a platform that allows users to connect and do better.

Their Story

The world is confronted with global challenges such as climate change. At the same time the internet provides us with the opportunity to work together in a way never seen before.

Their Mission

They connect people with nonprofits and let everyone participate. It is their goal to strengthen civil society and to create a better world together.

The Concept

Pay It Forward for someone else, do good together with others, locally and globally.