Current Projects

Our projects focus on bringing people together of all ages. We want to ignite sparks and see them burst into illuminating creations.

Docs & Drinks

Come together & be inspired. Talk, Do, Be the inspiration you see!

During the Docs & Drinks evenings you’ll get infused  with fresh perspectives, daring humans and inspiring energy.


If you like to engage and talk with others about big-picture topics to make a difference, you are in the right place! With every event, there will be (a) guest(s) speaker(s) to help provide answers and stimulate the conversation.


Co-create: We have a list of documentaries, however, we invite you to share your favorites with us so we may consider them as well for future evenings. Please send them to

Cultural Travel Showcase

Multi-media showcase of travel expiences highlighting cultural differences we can learn from.

This multi-media showcase of travel photography visuals and audios is an interactive platform to share our cultural differences so we may learn from them.


Why would you suggest a friend to visit a certain place? What about it is so special? Why did you take that picture? What made you feel inspired? What made you feel in aw? What did you bring back in lessons from the cultural differences you experienced?


Be inspired and talk with each other. Connect and broaden your mental horizons.



Co-create: We envite photographers to participate or suggest themes to help us come up with awesome multi-media showcases. Please send your ideas to